Children’s Dental Care

Dental Services for Children in Belleville, MI

Kids with healthy teeth grow up to be adults with healthy teeth.  Your kids should start visiting a dentist as soon as their first tooth has erupted.  Early dental visits also allow your child to develop a good relationship with their dentist.  Many people grow up and are afraid of the dentist.  If your child gets used to coming to the dentist at a young age and has positive experiences — they will likely never develop this common phobia.

The best treatment for your child is prevention.  By providing regular cleanings, fluoride treatment, and sealants, we can decrease the chances that your child ever develops dental cavities.

Teenagers are one of the most at-risk groups to develop cavities.  Many teenage diets include sweets, sports drinks, and other various snacks.  Hormonal changes a teenager experiences may also change the natural bacteria in the mouth, resulting in cavities.  Make sure your teenager is having routine dental exams.

Custom Mouth Guards

If your teenager plays contact sports, research has shown that a custom-made professional Sports Mouthguard by a dentist significantly decreases the chance of both concussions and tooth damage in athletes compared to no mouthguard or an over-the-counter mouthguard.