Bite Splint for TMJ and Tooth Grinding

TMJ and Bruxism Treatment in Belleville, MI

A custom Bite Splint is a prosthesis made to therapeutically treat the condition called ‘Bruxism.’  This is also commonly called ‘Teeth Grinding.’ Many patients subconsciously clench and grind their teeth at night while they sleep.  Most people who do this are not aware of this. How would you be? You are sleeping!

Over the years, night-time Bruxism can cause severe damage to the teeth, bite, jaw, and TMJ muscles.

Professional Bite Splints are fabricated and adjusted to fit perfectly to your teeth and work according to your specific bite.  A pre-made night-guard from a store simply is not made for your bite. So the odds that a store-bought appliance will correct your bite are very low.  A professional Bite Splint is a true medical appliance, customized for your bite.

You May Suffer from Night-Time Bruxism if:

  • You wake up with a sore jaw
  • You wake up with a headache
  • Your sleeping partner reports they hear you grinding your teeth or biting in your sleep
  • You notice that some of your teeth look very flat on the edges
  • You notice that some of your teeth are loose if you apply pressure
  • You notice small cracks or chipped pieces on your teeth.

If you suffer any of these symptoms please inform our team.